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General Programming​

***We are cautiously excited to reopen and will make sure to take our time with the phased opening approach only expanding to take on what we can handle safely. This Means Programming may take time to return to a full normal.***

Inspire Sports Victoria offers Programs for all ages and abilities! 

Gymnastics, the ultimate foundational sport, builds strength, increases flexibility, improves balance, creates spatial awareness, and develops confidence! This foundation promotes physical literacy and supports a life-long healthy lifestyle.  The physical benefits of a foundation in gymnastics are simply unparalleled!

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Kid Sport

Please contact us at [email protected] 

Programming for ALL ages and ALL abilities!!

Find what suits your interests most!

Recreational Classes

Bounce, Balance, Roll, Flip, Swing! Our Recreational Programming covers a little bit of everything from bars, floor, trampolines, foam pits, rings, beams, vault, to all aspects of artistic gymnastics.  Designed for ages 18 months - 12 years old. Classes are coed at the younger levels then become gender specific level 3 onwards. 

For Recreational programs, click here to learn more!

Trampoline and Tumbling​

The Inspire Sports Trampoline and Tumbling Program is a five-level program designed to bring individuals from the fundamental basics to advanced skills on floor, tumble track, and trampoline. This program is for the individual who has an extreme need to bounce and loves being upside down.

For Trampoline/ Tumbling Programs, Click here to learn more!


Inspire Sports Victoria is proud to offer parkour in partnership with the World Freerunning Parkour Federation for Coaching Certification (WFPF).

What is Parkour?

WFPF states “parkour is the act of moving from point “a” to point “b” using the obstacles in your path to increase efficiency.” It originated as a training program for French Special Forces known as “Parcours du combatant,” or “The Path of the Warrior.

For Parkour Programming, click here to learn more!

Adult Programming

The Inspire Sports Adult class is a skill, strength, and flexibility based program that focuses on progressing adults (18+) through skill levels ensuring safe, engaging, and ongoing learning. Adults of all levels will participate in structured class that includes warm-up, stretching, conditioning, trampoline, events, and cool down. Each class will offer adults a period of free time towards the end of each 2-hour class where our highly-trained coaches will move around to work specifically with individuals in skills.

For Adult Programming, click here to learn more!

Seniors Physical Literacy

Never to late to fell young! We reacquaint participants with fundamental movement skills such as walking, throwing, hopping, and balancing—improving their ability to perform daily tasks such as tying shoes, climbing stairs, and reaching for items on high shelves. Using soft, high mats, they learn how to fall safely and get back up again.

For Seniors Physical Literacy Programming, Click Here to learn more!

Advanced Home Learners

Programming Designed for the higher level Achievement Recreational Athletes who do schooling from home. This program is structured to meet the Physical Education requirments for Home Learners while challenging there gymnastics knowledge, skills, and abilities!

For Advanced Home Learners, click here to learn more!

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