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Gymnastics in Victoria and Saanich Advertising Opportunities

Advertise With Us!

Thank you to our wonderful contactors at Create Design & Construction for setting up our TV's in the lobby!

We have added a few photos of our progress throughout the past few months! Next time you're in please check it out!

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Gymnastics in Victoria and Saanich, Kids Safety Posters

Safety First!

One of the great benefits of being members of GymBC is they send you these great Safety 1'st posters for your gym!

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Inspire Sports Victoria Summer Camp Fun Gymnastics in Victoria and Saanich

Summer Camp Fun!

Our summer camps are in full swing and they are getting creative!

Register online!

See you soon!

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Inspire Sports Victoria Gymnastics in Saanich and Victoria

Stay Tuned!

We had another exciting visitor join us at Inspire Sports Victoria today!

Thank you CHEK News, it was great talking with you!

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Gymnastics in Saanich, Gymnastics in Victoria, Fall Programing, Kids, Registration

Fall Program Registration!

Register Now for our Fall programs!

We offer a variety of recreational classes 

- Kindy

- Achievement

- Trampoline and Tumbling

- Adult

- Birthday Parties

- Private Events

- Specialty Programs


For more information and to REGISTER NOW ๐Ÿคธ๐Ÿผ #inspiresportsvictoria #gymnaststicsbc #victoria #recreational #gymnastics

Competitive Men's Gymnastics Saanich, Competitive Men's Gymnastics Victoria

Men's Competitive Tryouts!

We are proud to announce we are holding Men's Competitive and Developmental Program Tryouts!

Saturday August 11 from 8:30am - 9:45

Sunday August 12 from 8:30am - 9:45

Cost $10 + GST

For more information please visit our website at



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Competitive Gymnastics in Victoria, Competitive Gymnastics in Saanich

Women's Competitive Tryouts! 

Inspire Sports is holding Competitive Try Outs!! ๐Ÿคธ๐Ÿผ Woman's Competitive and Developmental Program

Friday August 10 from 5:45 pm - 7:00

Friday August 17 from 5:45 pm - 7:00

Cost $10 + GST

To register go to our website and click REGISTER NOW ๐Ÿคธ๐Ÿผ #inspiresportsvictoria #gymnaststicsbc #victoria #competitive #competitivegymnastics #Gymnastics in Victoria, #Gymnastics in Saanch

Inpsire Sports Victoria Logo Gymnastics in Victoria and Saanich

Great Full Day of Classes!

This week marks our first full week of classes.  We are off to a successful start with recreational and competitive classes already underway not to mentions camps, birthday parties and so much more!  Thank you to all our students.  We look forward to teaching all of you!

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#Gymnastics in Victoria

#Recreational Gymnastics

#Competitive Gymnastics

#Physical Literacy for All

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Largest and Newest Gymnastics Facility in Victoria, Saanich

Thank you Victoria and Saanich!  Opening Day Success!

We couldn't be prouder of our team for their efforts in hosting an amazing open house today or more grateful to everyone from greater Victoria who took the time to come through our doors!  

With the open house complete our final flooring will be installed and final equipment assembled in the coming days.  Thank you everyone who helped make the dream of bringing a world class recreational and competitive gymnastics facility to Victoria a reality!  See you all at the gym this week!

Thank you Victoria Times Colonist!

A big thank you from everyone at Inspire Sports Victoria to Cleve Dheensaw of the Victoria Times Colonist for featuring our gym's story at today's paper!   You can read Mr. Dheensaw's excellent coverage here.





Victoria Times Colonist Story on Inspire Sports Victoria Gymnastics Grand Opening


Come on down and see our beautiful new facility and meet our incredible, knowledgeable, and friendly staff. We canโ€™t wait to meet you all there!






Gymnastics in Victoria and Saanich Brand New Equipment at Inspire Sports

Renovation Update!

Our 3 transport trucks from Spieth America HAVE ARRIVED from Ontario to Inspire Sports Victoria and we will be busy the over the next few days for our Open House this Sunday August 5th!!!!

Our team of coaches plus the contractors from Concrete and Design have been working day and night to ensure we will be ready for classes next week!

Please come join us for our Opening event this Sunday and sign up for you summer camps and classes! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

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Equipment on Its Way to Inspire Sports Victoria!

Our 3 fully loaded transport trucks from Spieth are on the way from Ontario to Inspire Sports Victoria and will arrive and be set up Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week in time for our Open House on Sunday August 5th!!!!

Join our Opening event Sunday and sign up for you summer camps and classes today! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

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Gymnastics in Saanich, Gymnastics in Victoria, Brand New Equipment

The Posters Are Coming!

Keep a lookout for our posters coming soon to a Victoria or Saanich lamp-post near you!  Better yet, come on down to our Grand Opening on August 5, 2018 and see BC's newest and largest gymnastics facility for yourself!

# Gymnastics in Victoria!

# Gymnastics in Saanich!

# Kids Physical Literacy!

# Kids Gymnastics in Victoria!

# Kids Gymnastics in Saanich!

#Gymnastics for All!  

Reception Desk, Friendly Staff, Gymnastics in Victoria, Gymnastics in Saanich

Week 12 and 13 Renovation Update!!

On the home stretch to occupancy!!! 

With deadlines looming our amazing team is positive, optimistic, inspiring, and the hardest workers anyone could ask for! This team, led by Noel with his company Create Design & Construction, could not have done a better job taking on this massive project! They have become part of The Inspire Sports Family. Tomorrow will be the biggest day Inspire Sports Victoria has seen yet as we go for Occupancy! We feel excited and ready! Our lobby has pieced together nicely with the addition of the beautiful custom desk lit by special LED lighting adaptable to all colours. Ceiling lights have all been installed and ready for final inspection. Bathrooms are complete! Rooms are nearly 100% finished, and our sign at night time lights up the space magnificently. Next up, move in furniture and Gymnastics Equipment! Victoria, here we come! #inspiresportsvictoria #gymnastics #gymnasticsforall #victoria #classes #recreational #competitive #camps #summercamps #active #physicalliteracy #gymnasticsbc

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Fall Registration is Here!

Fall Registration is Here!!! Sign up for your Inspire Sports Victoria Gymnastics Program Today! 

More Programing Coming Soon!!


# Gymnastics in Victoria!

# Gymnastics in Saanich!

# Kids Physical Literacy!

# Kids Gymnastics in Victoria!

# Kids Gymnastics in Saanich! 

Inspire Sports Team of Coaches for Gymnastics in Victoria and Saanich

Team Building and Continuing Coaching Excellence! 

Inspire Sports Victoria took our first road trip together for a developmental weekend in beautiful Kelowna!

We sat in on a variety of workshops ranging from concussions and mental health in the workplace to using props and incorporating music.

Thank you Gymnastics BC, the Okanagan Gymnastics Centre and the guest speakers for hosting this! It was a great weekend!

# Gymnastics in Victoria!

# Gymnastics in Saanich!

# Coaching Excellence!

# Kids Gymnastics in Victoria!

# Kids Gymnastics in Saanich! 

The Latest!  Forging Connections and Strengthening Opportunities for Gymnasts in Victoria! 

Busy week here at Inspire Sports Victoria! We were privileged to host 5 Chinese Officials from the University of Shanghai to come visit our facility and beautiful City. Camosun College's Chair of the CSEE (Centre of Sport and Exercise Education) and PISE's (Pacific Institute of Sport Excellence) CEO showed us amazing hospitality, giving the team a private tour of the beautiful facility, home to many Academic and Olympic success stories!

We look forward to the future relationships to build on, making better access and results for students, athletes, and people alike to grow and improve.

Week 11 Renovations

WANT TO SEE THE GYM? Email [email protected] with the subject line "Facility Tour" to arrange for a tour with the ownership team before the official opening. We have the sign, the flooring, the lobby, the passion, and the finished product in our sight!! Create Design & Construction making dreams come true! These last two weeks at Inspire Sports Victoria have been action packed! Lighting has been installed in the lobby. The Inspire Sports Victoria flooring has been installed and is the only fully environmentally sustainable floor making sure Inspire Sports Victoria is not only making for healthy and active people, but also a healthy sustainable environment. The walls are now all complete and painted! Front Desk will be installed next week as well as toilets, sinks, and water fountain. The Front sign illuminates the entry beautifully welcoming guests with a bright and inviting presence.

# Gymnastics in Victoria!

# Gymnastics in Saanich!

# Kids Physical Literacy!

# Kids Gymnastics in Victoria!

# Kids Gymnastics in Saanich! 

Gymnastics in Victoria, Gymnastics in Saanich, Kids Physical Literacy
Gymnastics in Victoria, Gymnastics in Saanich, Kids Physical Literacy
Gymnastics in Victoria, Gymnastics in Saanich, Kids Physical Literacy
Gymnastics in Victoria, Gymnastics in Saanich, Kids Physical Literacy

Inspire Sports Victoria - Week 8 Renovations!

June 20, 2018

It is that time of week again! As summer sneaks up on us, Inspire Sports Victoria partnered with Create Design & Construction are pushing fast and furious to get the centre open as early in July as possible to meet the high demand for this gorgeous facility!

Highlights for this week you ask? Inspire Sports Victoria Lobby has been framed in and is awaiting the custom red "S" shaped Inspire Sports Desk. The open concept customer service focused lobby is inviting and impressive....sure to give a "wow" upon arrival. This high tech lobby with have 2 stationed iPads where customers can register with ease in a matter of minutes. Registration is also available 100% online so there is never the need to wait in-line again for payment and manual paperwork.

Dry wall is 100% complete and we are just waiting for the taping, mudding, and sanding to be complete to start painting! Very exciting!

When does equipment arrive you may wonder? All of our custom ordered brand new Inspire Sports branded equipment will be sent out from our friends at Spieth America to arrive in the first weeks of July!

Follow along as these final weeks of renovations come to an end at Inspire sports Victoria and the Province's largest gymnastics facility comes to life!!

# Gymnastics in Victoria!

# Gymnastics in Saanich!

# Kids Physical Literacy!

# Kids Gymnastics in Victoria!

# Kids Gymnastics in Saanich! 

Inspire Sports Victoria - Week 8 Renovations!

June 13, 2018

Weeks away from OPEN!!! We are over half way done to our soft opening goal of July 21st.

Possibly the biggest week of change to date! This week, Create Design & Construction finished the podium sheeting, installed the street lighting on the pathway, made massive progress on drywalling, and completed an awesome accessibility ramp outside the facility!

Inspire Sports Victoria is thankful for amazing team surrounding and supporting this amazing facility helping make the dream come true!

Register today at or call us at (250) 590-5950

# Gymnastics in Victoria!

# Gymnastics in Saanich!

# Kids Physical Literacy! 

# Kids Gymnastics in Victoria!

# Kids Gymnastics in Saanich! 

Our Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

Inspire Sports Victoria - Week 7 Renovations! 

June 7, 2018

Painting...Dry Walling... Registration...and more! What a great week!! Both Inspiring and productive!

Create Design & Construction has been consistently at it making timelines and creating excellence! The dry wall has been put up and rooms have officially taken shape! The podium is painted a vibrant white to finish off the sides, and the lobby is becoming an attractive and welcoming space one day at a time with the custom built red Inspire Sports "S" shaped desk soon to be built and installed.

In other news, registration went live and we are so thankful for the amazing support we have had thus far! We are proud to have exceeded our expectations for the less then a week of being live.

Don't forget to register for your summer classes from youth to adult, camps, and birthdays!! If you are currently, or aspiring to be, a competitive athlete, Inspire Sports Victoria will be hosting tryouts in August for selection into the Elite Competitive Teams for both males and females!

# Gymnastics in Victoria!

# Gymnastics in Saanich!

# Kids Physical Literacy

Inspire Sports Victoria Joins GymBC!

Inspire Sports Victoria is offically a member of Gymnastics BC!!

What does being a member of Gym BC mean to us?

-It means all of our coaches are REQUIRED to be NCCP QUALIFIED for safe gymnastics taught by certified coaches.

-It means access to COMPETITIVE gymmnastics programs allowing us to compete in Gymnastics BC and Gymnastics Canada sanctioned events.

-It means access to ongoing EDUCATION courses for Inspire Sports Victoria coaches and judges to consistently better ourselves and the community.

BUT MOST OF ALL, being a member of Gymnastics BC means being part of a community that is working together for the common goal of making this amazing sport of Gymnastics accessible to all, safe for all, and providing programs from Recreational to Olympic levels.

Inspire Sports Victoria - Week 6 Renovations!

Week 6!!! 1.5 months have flown by and the gym is about to hit the stage of drastic change!!

This week, Inspire Sports Victoria has had approval on fire safety for the foam pit, electrical, and plumbing! The Foam Pit podium is being closed in and will be painted this weekend. Framing is 100% up for all the rooms with drywall to start this week. Roller door in the main lobby has been removed and is getting framed in.

To top off the week, Inspire Sports Victoria Website is LIVE!!!! Registration system is posted and set to accept registration June 4th at the LATEST!

We are getting excited and more Inspired as days progress!

Inspire Sports Victoria - Week 5 Renovations! 

5 Weeks since the start of this beautiful Inspire Sports Victoria Centre!! Time is flying by and results are tremendous as Create Design and Construction puts all hands on deck to make deadlines work!

Finished smoothing concrete floors, finalizing framing for the walls of the rooms, sprinkler fire safety system installed under the foam pit, and more fine detail added into the overall completion of the podium.

NEXT WEEK the Inspire Sports Victoria WEBSITE and REGISTRATION will be LIVE!!!! Get ready to register!! The count down is on!

Gymnastics in Victoria, Gymnastics in Saanich, Kids Physical Literacy
Gymnastics in Victoria, Gymnastics in Saanich, Kids Physical Literacy

Inspire Sports Victoria - Week 4 Renovations!

Big Week at Inspire Sports Victoria!! Podium is being covered and reinforced for equipment, framing is flying up for staff room, birthday room, bathrooms and office. The Inspire Sports Victoria website with registration for summer is COMING SOON!!! =)

To further add to the excitement, the Inspire Sports Victoria executive team got together in the new facility for a team photo and to discuss the future of Inspire Sports! The future is bright and we are all as motivated and Inspired as can be!

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Gymnastics in Victoria, Gymnastics in Saanich, Kids Physical Literacy

Inspire Sports Victoria - Week 3 Renovations!

Another week done and dusted! Inspire Sports Victoria's podium is framed, equipment is ordered, and excitement is growing as Create Design and Construction nails through the renovations!

Next weeks renovation update will have the start of framing for bathrooms and offices as well as completion of the podium.

Gymnastics in Victoria, Gymnastics in Saanich, Kids Physical Literacy

Inspire Sports Victoria - Week 2 Renovations! 

Painting is complete and the space is looking bright, vibrant, and huge!

Electrical and plumbing is being completed to allow for walls and rooms to be put in for weeks 3 and 4.

Stay connected and follow along as Week 3 will have monumental changes with completion of the podium!! This custom designed podium by Create Design and Construction will host our 2 olympic trampolines, rings, highbars, uneven bars, vault, and 50' tumble track all into our soft and massive foam pit.

Gymnastics in Victoria, Gymnastics in Saanich, Kids Physical Literacy

Inspire Sports Victoria - Week 1 Renovations! 

From nothing to something! Create Design and Construction has been facilitating the amazing transformation of a warehouse into a state of the art facility boasting the title of Vancouver Islands largest gymnastics centre.