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Competitive Programs

Our competitive programs emphasize the value of hard work, perseverance, the importance of setting goals, mental awareness and team unity. Not only do these skills help our Athletes advance in their training but also in life in general.

The physical skills gymnasts learn carry over into many other sports and personal areas of their lives. Inspire Sports Victoria offers many different competitive and developmental programs for boys and girls in a family-friendly atmosphere.

All Inspire Sports Victoria competitive programs are by selection only and will have scheduled tryouts.

For further information on our competitive programs, please contact

Woman's Program Manager, Chantelle -  [email protected]

Men's Program Manager, Isaac - [email protected]  

Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)

The Men’s Competitive program at Inspire Sports Victoria consists of pre-competitive, provincial, national, and international levels. This program is designed for those gymnasts who have demonstrated exceptional talent in gymnastics as well as other qualities such as ability, body type, determination, flexibility, and competitive drive. Only those athletes desiring to strive for excellence in competitive gymnastics will be invited to try out for the Inspire Sports Competitive team.

Interested in the Program?

Please contact our MAG Program Manager, 


[email protected]

Visit Our Inspire Sports Victoria MAG Page

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Woman's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)

The Inspire Sports Victoria Women’s Competitive Program strives to give athletes the opportunity to master the correct skills and art necessary for high levels of achievement, to gain and maintain physical and mental strength, and attain goals through gymnastics development and competition experience.

The competitive program at Inspire Sports Victoria includes Developmental, Provincial, and National Levels. This program is designed for those gymnasts who have demonstrated exceptional talent in gymnastics as well as other qualities, which may include: age, ability, body type, determination, flexibility, and competitive drive.

Interested in the Program?

Please contact our WAG Program Manager, 


[email protected]

Visit Our Inspire Sports Victoria WAG Page

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Developmental Program

This Transitional Program is managed under the Recreation Program and is designed to transition recreational boys and girls into the competitive stream. Athletes are tested 2/3 of the way

through each of four terms. 

Visit Our Inspire Sports Victoria Developmental Page

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Our 2020 Online Legends of The Sport

Inspire Sports Victoria was thankful to have these amazing role models, world class gymnasts, and legends in the sport to empower, teach, and talk with our athletes during COVID 19 at home ZOOM training.

Zachary Clay

A British Columbia Local Athlete, Canadian National Team Member, Commonwealth Games Medalist, and role model to all mens artistics gymnasts in this province. Zach did a work out to challenge our boys, answered their questions, and told them an amazing story about a pre-school teacher that told his parents that he had amazing coordination and that she had never seen a pre-schooler with such good athletic abilities insisting trying gymnastics...the rest is history!

Thanks Zachary Clay!!

Watch Zachary's Gymnastics Here!

Marian Dragulescu 

An absolute Legend in the sport of Gymnastics!! At 40 years old, Marian boasts 4 Olympic Games, 8x World Champion on Floor / Vault, 3x Olympic Medalist, and even has his own skill named after him on Vault, a front handspring double front flip with a 1/2 twist! Marian has been through it all from injuries, to family, to generational changes of the sport, and watch it evoled right in front of him while still keeping up with the young athletes of today! His stories and advice were inspirational and kept our boys motivated to keep pushing!

Thanks Marian Dragulescu!

Watch Marian's Gymnastics Here

Felix Dolci

Future Star!! Felix is Canada's next legend in the sport of gymnastics. Already have numerous national titles to his name, Junior World Champion on Rings (see link below), and Youth Olympic Medalist, Felix is a world wide known gymnast. Felix is making his Senior debut this year and hopes to make the 2021 (hopefully at least) Olympics.   Thank you Felix for coming and talking to the Inspire boys about your training, your ability to balance gym, school, and life, and telling the boys the ways which you handle emmense pressure. Very inspiring!

Watch Felix's Gymnastics Here!

Elizabeth Price 

Perfection is Price. Elizabeth Price is one of the handful of NCAA gymnasts who has the bragging right to say she earned a perfect 10.0 (see link below)! Elizabeth is a 3 time ALL-American and graduate of  Stanford University  where she completed her post secondary education on a full ride scholarship. Elizabeth took the time to come talkw ith our girls about her story both academically and athletically inspiring our girls with where gymnastics can bring you in life. Thank you for helping support the next generation of girls.

Watch Elizabeth's Gymnastics Here